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  1. Matt says:

    If you HAD to eat at one fast food restaurant and ONLY one fast food restaurant for the rest of your time here on earth…

    which fast food restaurant would you eat at?

    I’m a Wendys guy myself…

  2. sid says:

    Ooooh interrogation time.
    What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?
    Do you have any regrets?
    If you found out that you were dying in 5 days time … how would you spend the remaining time?
    Favourite holiday destination?
    If you had to pick one thing that you absolutely love about your home town what would it be?
    Favourite book of all time … other than your novella?
    Worst date ever?
    Erm I think that’s about all.

  3. when you win a golden globe for best comedic screenplay (sorry, but romantic comedies don’t normally win oscars), will you thank your blogger friends?

  4. Amanda says:

    What is the day/month of your birthday?

    When and how did you know you wanted to write?

    Lucky Charms, or Count Chocula? Both offer marshmallowy goodness, but personally I am a fan of vampires – and chocolate.

    Name a completely awful band that you used to LOVE.

  5. Lindsay says:

    Can I be your date to the premier?

  6. brandy says:

    1. What are three books you wish you would have written?
    2. Hybrids or limos?
    3. Describe the perfect day.
    4. What causes you uncontrollable, fist shaking, lip quivering rage?
    5. If you were stuck in an elevator for 11 hours, who would you pick to be stuck with you?
    6. Favourite fruit?
    7. One night with Ainsley or Amy. Who do you pick? Remember, I will judge you on this answer. I will judge harshly.
    8. If you could commit one crime without ever getting caught, what crime would you commit?
    9. What’s one thing you spend too much money on?
    10. Who would you like to switch spots with for one day?

    I could keep going but I better stop. I think it’s time for a nap.

  7. Oh GOD this is a good post title. Blog-gasm.

  8. LiLu says:

    What blows YOUR skirt up?

  9. BS says:

    I’m really into the idea of the novella as a screenplay! Love it.

    If you could only wear one baseball cap for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

    Something shitty happens, so you reach for a dusty glass, wipe it off like the manly man you are, and crack open a bottle of…what?

    Why are otters so cute?

    What song do you want them to play at your funeral? And how many beautiful women should weep?

    What’s your all-time favorite ACN moment?

  10. brandy says:

    You better get answering these because I’m really curious.

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