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6 Responses

  1. JenBun says:

    but the Etcha-a-sketch defense was useless.

    Love it.

    Every time I read something you write, there is a word or phrase or entire post that is so perfectly formed. And I read it and go to comment and can’t think of the right words to tell you.

    So I stare at the cursor in the little box. And read the title of today’s word doodle. And it all makes sense.

  2. Wormer says:

    I’m glad to see your brain is starting to get some action. Huzzah for no more mental cock blockage!

    And as always I loves your doodle.

  3. Hellafied says:

    I read this and after the last word actually said aloud, “Wow.”

    This one really got me. All of your stuff is good, but this one…


  4. Hollywood Sucker says:

    Who is this woman and what has she done to you?

  5. A Lil' Irish Lass says:

    Your doodles make my day. Though, I must admit, I’m ever-so-slightly jealous of this woman. I want a dedicated doodle!

  6. 1218Blog says:

    Sometimes I wish I can use backspace on my life. Or Apple Z for undo (for us Mac folks).

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