He backspaced over the two lines.
Hating the reality
more than he enjoyed the wording.
He stared at the blank screen,
trying to will the words to appear.
At least in his head.
But, that filled with pictures.
A smile that looked like it snuck up on her.
Every. Single. Time.
That seemed to build up
and burst forth without warning.
He shook his head,
but the Etcha-a-sketch defense was useless.
He saw eyes.
Drawing him in.
Feigning innocence.
Filled with life and joy.
And always hope.
A sigh mixed with a growl
mixed with a swear
mixed with a pained laugh
escaped him.
He allowed his hands to once more type,
“Speed may kill,
but distance crushes.”
He stared at the words.
And then at his finger,
still hovering over the backspace key.

6 thoughts on “blinking

  1. but the Etcha-a-sketch defense was useless.

    Love it.

    Every time I read something you write, there is a word or phrase or entire post that is so perfectly formed. And I read it and go to comment and can’t think of the right words to tell you.

    So I stare at the cursor in the little box. And read the title of today’s word doodle. And it all makes sense.

  2. I’m glad to see your brain is starting to get some action. Huzzah for no more mental cock blockage!

    And as always I loves your doodle.

  3. I read this and after the last word actually said aloud, “Wow.”

    This one really got me. All of your stuff is good, but this one…


  4. Your doodles make my day. Though, I must admit, I’m ever-so-slightly jealous of this woman. I want a dedicated doodle!

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