If it wasn’t for NaBloPoMo, you folks would not be getting a post from me today.

I am feeling pretty miserable. Feels like I am swallowing razor blades. And I have that itchy paining earache thing. You know, the one where you want to shove sharpened pencils in each ear. I probably won’t though. Plus, I have all the other fun cold symptoms.

So, this post may suck.

The ACN was sick this past weekend. And because she learned that it is good to share…

I told her last night on the phone that she gave me her cold. To which she replied:

“*snuffle snuffle* tee hee hee *snuffle*”

I just had a cold last week or the week before. Curses!

Whenever the little squirt is sick here, I am going to get it. It’s not because my immune system is letting down the team. It is because I am constantly getting or giving hugs, kisses or cuddles. In fact, my sister is always giving me crap because The ACN’s hair “always looks greasy!” because I can’t even walk by her without giving her a kiss on the noggin.

I just shrug and tell her that is what she gets for making such a cute kid.

And then ask, “Don’t you think she is really starting to look like me?”

Which always gets many groans in reply.

Though sometimes The ACN will get my back. But, only when she wants me to do something for her.

For example, this weekend:

Unc: So, you DON’T want to send me back to the Unc store anymore?

ACN: *shakes head*

Unc: You want to keep me?

ACN: Yeah!

Unc: You love me again?


Unc: Is it because you want me to play Webkinz with you?

ACN: *sheepish grin* Yeeeeah.

I got in trouble this weekend for “stealing” kisses. I asked if I could have a kiss, she refused, and I took one anyway. Shocking, I know. And she was not going to stand for it. I actually had to give back the kisses. And since I “MWAH” loudly when taking them, I figured that I had to “HAWM” when putting them back.

She quickly figured out that I was sneakily getting two kisses for the price of one and put a stop to that practice.

Still, I wonder if that gambit has any practical dating applications.

When she arrived, she almost immediately started to sneeze. I knew that was a bad sign. The next morning, she informed me that she had a sore throat. At first I thought it might be a ruse to get to eat a bunch of popsicles, but she was clearly not feeling well. (I figured it out by asking if something was sore. She said, “Yeah.” Then I asked for each body part until I got to the right one. She REALLY doesn’t like it if you take too long to get to the right one.)

Still, she was a little trooper. She handled being sick better than I am handling it right now. She was still playful. I am all GRRRRRRRR.

Saturday night she felt especially yucky. Around 1:30 am cries were starting to wake me up. They were followed by an angry “Unc!” or two. She had her “Don’t even try to pretend you can’t hear me, you big goof!” voice on.

So, I went to her bedroom. I asked if she wanted to have a sleep over in Unc’s room. She replied with a sad, sick little, “Yeah.” So, I scooped her up and…

She sneezed on my cheek and neck. I said “Thanks” and she giggled a little. (She also learned early on that wiping your nose on Unc’s shoulder is easy to do and lots of fun.)

We didn’t sleep much. She sneezed all night, and I constantly wiped her nose. She was a pretty miserable little poodle.

The other day, my Dad was giving The ACN a glass of milk. Company dropped by, and my Dad started telling a story. The ACN yelled at him for another drink. He picked up the glass and brought it to her lips. She shook her head and start laughing. He was confused, but tried it again. More laughing and head shaking. He tried it a third time and she was giggling loudly now.

He looked down and realized that he was trying to give her a drink from his own glass.

Luckily The ACN knew that rum and coke was not what she needed to fight her cold.

0 thoughts on “Blech

  1. I actually think Romeo, a la Romeo and Juliet, managed to work out sneaking kisses for the prices of none in a similar manner…
    Act 1, Scene 5:
    R: Then move not, while my prayer’s effect I take. Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged.
    (he kisses her)
    J: Then have my lips the sin that they have took.
    R: Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.
    (he kisses her again!)


  2. awe feel better soon Peter!

    and everytime i read one of your stories about your niece i get so excited that i’m going to be an aunt soon!

  3. molly: He certainly would. Though you may not want one that he mixed.

    miriam: Thanks! I tried cursing and shaking my fist at my ear, but it didn’t help at all.

    esse: That sneaky Montague!

    michelle: Thanks! And congrats on the impending aunthood. If you ever need advice on proper spoiling techniques, just let me know.

  4. I think the ACN has been misinformed about the miracle cure called RUM & COKE.

    As her uncle, aren’t you supposed to be teaching her right from wrong? AHEM.

  5. 1- sometimes a rum and coke works

    2- do they have ZICAM in canadia? get some.

    3- you wouldn’t be in this predicament if you would stop making out with your family members.

    4- there is no four i just didnt want you to think i was mean for making the inapropriate incestuous comment above, as some people find that funny (i’m from the south, you know “kissing cousins” ha ha funny? no? hmmm), oh and get well soon. :)

  6. It’s a really special kind of love when you can stay up wiping somebody’s nose all night. It’s actually really sweet how palpable your love for her is, even though you never get all “I LOVE THIS KID”. She’s adorable!

  7. Feel better!! That was a great story about your dad and your ACN. Too funny!

    But maybe you should try rum and coke to get rid of this cold…or just the rum…

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