0 thoughts on “Big Day – Part 2

  1. That’s a very pink chair :-D

    So, I presume she’s filled you in on how the first day went and how many people just fell head over heels for her?

  2. Chairy is very colourful indeed.

    I only got to speak to her briefly yesterday afternoon. She was zonked.

    And when I tried to call her last night she was already asleep.

    First days are tiring on little squirts, apparently.

    Tonight though…

  3. She’s Serenity’s chair twin! I worked at an early childhood building and a little girl had the same chair. They always have the coolest colors for the little kids. My favorites were these little twin boys, one had neon yellow and the other neon green. You could spot them from a mile away. Does hers have lots of stickers? Serenity always got a sticker if she was good at OT/PT so her chair is pretty filled with stickery goodness.

    Hope she has a great year. Sounds like she’s off to a good start.

  4. The chairs ARE cute, eh?

    She has a few stickers. Her Daddy usually buys her little teddy bears when she is good at OT/PT. The toys collect in her bedroom until her puppy chews their faces off.

    It’s the circle of teddy bear life, really.

    And thanks for the good wishes.

    Day 2 was better than day 1!

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