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Taking a break from the Word Doodlepalooza (one final batch to post later today) to share with you this piece of awesomeness.

A while back (days?  weeks?) Ben asked his loyal readers for questions.   And because I do what I’m told (Ha!) I posed a couple.  Since Ben and I are both Cape Bretoners (he is only halfsies, but I give him full credit because he’s cool), I went with CB-themed questions.  Mostly because I am lazy and lack creativity.

Now I thought Ben was going to answer all of these questions in one big video and post it on his blog.  Which, frankly, would have been impressive enough.

But, no, he amped it up and made each of us our own video!

Show off.

Anyway here is mine.

Great, right? And I totally was (and am) rocking a baseball cap and stubble. Lots of stubble.

And kudos to Ben for kicking the blogworld in the ass and doing something different.

(For more Ben awesomeness, keep your peepers open on Monday Oct. 19th, when he and I, and some lovely ladies and brandy combine forces…)

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