Ben TV

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  1. Doniree says:

    Laughed my ass off at “going against the dress code.” Excellent.

    Remind the CB Board of Tourism to NEVER hire you to work for them.

  2. wait, so it brandy not a lovely lady?

  3. Katie says:

    I yelled “windshield” like I was watching Jeopardy or a horror flick trying to give you the answer.

    Kudos Mr. Ben!

  4. Matt says:

    HAHA… I like how you said lovely ladies… and Brandy.

    Anyway, I love Nicole and Brandy.

    You and Ben are OK too.

  5. Jenn Belle says:

    I think you should feel honoured Ben was willing to cover up his fabulous hair with a hat.

    Speaking of which, where did you find a baseball hat, Ben?

  6. Hahaha love the cosmo answer!

  7. tia says:

    ben SO has you down, mr dewolf.

    he method-acted that shit like nobody’s business.

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