being uncle pete

I almost forgot to post today!

I’ve been running around with the little twerpling. We’ve been having a fun visit.

She arrived last night. Oh. Have I ever told you guys that every time she crosses the causeway from mainland Nova Scotia to the gloriousness that is Cape Breton Island, she says, “Yahoo!” Sometimes they call so I can hear it.


Anyway. She arrived last night and pretty much right away wanted to talk to Ashley on Skype. She was all excited. Then she talked to Louis the puppy on Skype.

And then she was finished with that and wanted me to hang up on them. (Hee and a hee.)

The munchkin brought her own puppy Nipper to visit.

Nipper is a character. She spends half of her day with her tongue sticking like an inch out of her mouth. She even sleeps that way. It’s pretty adorable. So I tried to get a picture of Nipper doing it. However it turns out that Nipper is either in witness protection, or belongs to a people who fear that photography steals the soul. I point the camera and Nipper puts her head down and walks away.


I sneakily sneakypantsed a photo.


So this morning I was sleeping, as one does. It was 6:45 am, when suddenly my door was flung open.

Nipper threw herself against it.

Then munchkin said, “Unc! Unc!”

I sleepily replied, “It was Nipper… Unc is still in bed.”

“Get. Up. Get! Up!”

So I got up. I asked her, “Did you send Nipper to do that? Are you two in cahoots?”


We did some visiting. We chatted on Skype some more with Ashley & Louis.

It’s been a very fun day.

We have more of the same planned for tomorrow. Though hopefully starting a little bit later in the morning.



World’s awesome-est socks!

2 thoughts on “being uncle pete

  1. AWWW have no idea how I missed this. Uncle posts are my fav.

    Also, I have those socks in an adult sized version. They really are the awesomest of socks!

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