bedside note pad, 3:34 am

This is totally against my better judgment. But, in the wee hours, in a still mostly asleep stupor, I scribbled this mess in a note pad. And then I got up to try to see the alleged lunar eclipse. It just looked like a regular moon. CURSES! [Please note that Peter shook his fist skyward.]

When I got up this morning I read it, rolled my eyes, and tossed it back on the table. But, then I thought there must be dozens of ways to mock it mercilessly for our collective general amusement. However, I don’t have the time.

But you good folks should feel free!


There is a place…

Where the swagger of youth, (mostly) dispossessed by the passage of time, is replaced by a quieter confidence.
Where there’s found a sense of responsibility, that was expected but (probably) not guaranteed.
Where you don’t regret words unspoken. (bull shit)
Where the hint of potential is (just about) fuel enough.
Where thoughts are put down on paper and then forgotten. (until the next time)

There is a place…

But, I sure as fuck haven’t found it.

0 thoughts on “bedside note pad, 3:34 am

  1. Found your blog via the group of blogs I read (judging you, always right, hobocamp, etc.) and I’ve been reading for a while now. I love all your stories about the Monkey and ACN. So sweet and so funny, your blog is always the bright “awwww” moment in my day. Thanks!

  2. Peter believe me- I would mock this if it was mockable. But I actually really like it. I like the swagger of youth replaced by a quieter confidence. Good writing!

  3. losingit: Thanks for the kind words! And for saying “hi.” Those two little squirts are pretty entertaining, eh?

    lisa: Why thank you. Personally, the comments in parentheses kind of made me all cringe-faced this morning.

    mindy: It wasn’t my first time. The sky knows why.

    clink: That is very nice of you to say. However, picking the perfect china may have made you an easy audience. Hmm? Hmmmm. Mmhmm.

    niki: My friend in Australia taunted me with descriptions and pics of the real eclipse this morning. Rude!

  4. molly: And a thanks to you too! Last night, my pre-bed activities involved eating a mittful of potato chips and watching sports highlights. But, I wouldn’t recommend that for everyone.

  5. hellafied: You should IM me if you find it.

    airam: Awww. Thanks! This is once again proof that I have no idea how something I write is going to be viewed.

  6. How sad is it that your foggy, sleepy writing is better than my well rested writing anyday?!
    Not fair!
    But I’ll make fun of you anyway. Just because I like making fun of people. :P

  7. I have this awesome mental image of you going out of your house in the middle of the night. Old man pajamas (the kind the button), a robe, and slippers. Like something out of a 50’s TV show.

    And your shaking your fist in anger at the moon.

    And your still wearing a Blue Jays hat…

    I can’t delete that hat form the image no matter how hard I try.

  8. reads like a bon-jovi song…seriously. Were you watching vh1 as your mind wandered and your eyes lids slid down?

  9. sybil: Finally some mocking!

    eve: Yay! Little twerps make for fun stories.

    stormin’: That image is awesome! I should act it out and take a picture for a new user pic.

    throwingroses: Ha! I’m not sure if that is a compliment or an insult. Either way, I now have a strange urge to listen to their “New Jersey” album.

  10. wow, all I ever write down on my bedside note pad is a list of stuff I need to do the next day. Let me know when you find this great place.

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