I didn’t get to see my Adorably Cute Niece this weekend.  And my jerkface family members didn’t take pictures of her dressed as a “cute puppy” for Halloween.  Booooo.

But she did send me an envelope.  She got her daddy to write on it:

“Hugs and kisses for Uncle Pete”

And she filled it with hugs and kisses.

I opened it slowly, with a knife, so that none would escape.  Then I smushed the inside of the envelope against my face (for the kisses) and my shoulders (for the hugs.)

Later, when I called and told her, she was very pleased.

Then she decided that she didn’t want to talk to me.  And she giggled at my GRRRRRs. 

She clearly doesn’t like to spoil me too much.

0 thoughts on “Awwwww

  1. That is just too cute!

    I can’t wait for my 5 month old niece to grow up so we can start being friends. =]

    I got no Halloween pictures either! What’s up with that?

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