ask an expert… wait. that can’t be right.

So I’ve decided to do some different stuff on this blog.

One of the things I have in mind is an advice column.

Of sorts.

Remember my “How to treat a woman” post?

Well a few people mentioned that I should do one about how to treat men.

I thought about that. I considered it. I got distracted by other things. I forgot about it entirely. I got a haircut. And then I was trying to come up with ideas for fun content for this new blog and it came back to me.

Why not a series of advice posts giving guidance on how to deal with dudes?

It’ll be kind of like what Hope does. (Don’t worry, I checked with her to make sure that I wasn’t stepping on her toesies.) But it’ll be packed with my male charm and folksy wisdom. And possibly popculture references from the 80s that will make you say that maybe your parents would understand them.

And then I’ll get sad.

Wonder what makes men tick? Here’s your chance to find out.

E-mail me your questions.

You may be wondering if I’m worried about being kicked out of the Club of Men for sharing our secrets. I’m not. The Club and I haven’t really been seeing eye to eye since everyone’s fascination with Megan Fox. Blech.

So there you go.

Ask questions.

I’ll answer from a male perspective.

We’ll laugh.

We’ll cry.

We’ll… learn.

Let’s do this thing.

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