ashley is cute, i am lazy

So, hi.

I was going to try to write a post today. But I’m all writers blocky. And I’m all grrrr at being writers blocky. And they changed WordPress a little and it is tripping me out right now.

I did write a post yesterday. A guest post for Ashley. You can read it if you like swoonyboots. If you don’t like swoonyboots, you can ask yourself what happened in your past to make you like that. Why are you like that? Why?

Speaking of Ashley, she is part of a cabal of female bloggers that started their own YouTube video channel — with the goal of bringing back boy bands and promoting various cheeses. This week their theme was “secrets.” This is Ashley’s contribution.

Right? I KNOW.

Also when Ashley visited a couple weeks ago, she somehow convinced me to make a video with her. I should warn that this is take number three. The best take was the second one. I was charming and funny and it would have changed your life on a profound level. But one of us double clicked the record button and we ended up not recording annnnything. So the take you get is when I’m spent and not-too-subtly watching Friends over the top of the laptop. Enjoy.

I was doing some tech support work for The Monkey yesterday (after she sent me dozens of frantic BBMs because, despite having numerous new video game systems at her disposal, she HAD to play a five year old computer game) and she was talking to me about when she hung out with the quiet-when-she-meets-new-people Ashley.

“And then my friend was all ‘She doesn’t say much.’ And I said, ‘Don’t be mean! Maybe she’s a mime.”

A mime.


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