Art with the ACN


The ACN went through an abstract phase a while back. Now she enjoys books where the paint is already there and she just adds water and they get pretty. We call it the “let them do all the heavy lifting” phase. It’s a little known fact that Picasso went through something similiar early in his career.

You would think that this phase would be less messy. Yet the ACN ended up with paint everywhere — including on her noggin. I wonder if Picasso also had an uncle with big clumsy elbows that spilled paint-coloured water.


The last time we painted one of these books, Uncle Pete made a big deal of taking each completed painting out of the book and putting it on the kitchen counter to dry before showing it off. Uncle Pete thought the artist would enjoy that. Apparently not.

This time she won’t finish a single painting. I think she feels that me doing the whole drying process only keeps her away from her true love — painting. You can’t see it, but in that pic, the yellow house isn’t painted. She’ll paint everything but one little bit. We have some other almost-completed works of art with an unpainted boot, mitten, etc.

She’s cagey.

She also likes for me to flip through these books while she shakes her head “no” to every page. Then we start again. Earlier she got mad and she kept showing me the sign for “more.” I asked her if she wanted to do more painting and she said “no.” I asked her if she wanted me to flip through the book again so she could say “no” some more. She said “Yeeeah!!”

A little while ago, she was a bit sad, so I cuddle/carried her around the house. I told her all about Valentine’s Day (the good stuff.) When I was finished, I asked her if she’d be my Valentine. She shook her head “no” and cracked up laughing.

She arrived with cute pink nail polish for Valentine’s Day. She told me her kitty cat put it on her fingers.

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  1. She did a great job! The little ACN is quite the artist. Tell her that my little nieces always ask me to paint their nails with pink nail polish that has “sparkles” in it (unfortunatley, I don’t have a kitty to do all the work, but maybe a puppy will do most of the polishing next year).

  2. jazz: The yellow paint in the book is also very cagey apparently. You think the cat is impressive? The other night she told me that her puppy was going to be driving her here.

    jennie: I think that she — and Mitts the kitty — would be all over nail polish with sparkles.

    eve: If you scroll down on this page, you should find quite a few pics (and even one video) of my little pride and joy:

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