are you working on your drabble?

One of the coolest things about this drabble contest for me is when people who don’t write this sort of thing decide to give it a whirl.  And this includes my friend Ben. Dude is a PhD student in Math and has never tried writing fiction before.  This is his kickass entry:

He sat at the kitchen table, glass in hand.  An
ice cube melted, cold water mixing with the last drops
of rye.  Memories burst forth then faded — his best conquests,
young women he bedded, days of sun and gin on
a college campus, a football eclipsing the sun then falling
fast into his hands and the cheers of thousands.  Yards
of white lace framing blue eyes and congratulations from hundreds
of people he didn’t know.  Years in fast forward — kids,
mortgages, barbecues, beer leagues.  He emptied his glass, looked up
at two happy blue eyes and he smiled back, contented.


And some of my favouritest bloggers have already entered:





Claire Montgomery


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