Are you ready for some (college) football?!?

This chick and I have formed an exploratory committee to see if there would be enough interest in blogville to start up a Fantasy College Football League.

We’d probably run it through CBS Sportsline.

And don’t be afraid of that chick. She grows on you. Now, when I see her online, I feel slightly less of an urge to put my hands over my junk and back slowly out of the room.

(If we can’t find enough people to do a college pool, we’d consider doing one for the NFL. Go Colts!)

Comment or e-mail if you’d be into it.

0 thoughts on “Are you ready for some (college) football?!?

  1. Unfortunately, I am more of a college basketball freak. My picks for college football would be based solely on the color of the jerseys/how much I like the name of the running back, etc.

    And watch, I’d probably win the entire thing.

    However, let me know if you decide to do NFL. (Go GIANTS!)

  2. clink: I think we are leaning towards doing one of each now! Low stress though. Keeping it as easy as possible for everyone.

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