anybody hear the forest fall?

it’s a rare thing —
rarer than most realize —
when want and need intersect
sadly some don’t realize
until have has left
echoes of lesson learned
fighting to be heard
over words still unsaid
too late cuts through the din
a road clearly marked
a destination plain to see
and still you don’t
want to admit
brave faces have the most lines
the same words written
in slightly different ways
the same lies told
she’s the tree in the forest
and you fall without notice
a ceiling on your highs now
long hallways of lows
presence once made real
and more worthwhile
that’s enough for today
get up
sun shines
pick the right song
crooked smirk
light words
deep breath
another line forms

0 thoughts on “anybody hear the forest fall?

  1. Absolutely amazing. Really, think of every big word that means AWESOME and you’ve got what I feel about this post. Great writing Peter. :)

  2. Peter, that was exquisitely devastating. Your writing is masterful as always, your words heart-rending. Truly remarkable.

  3. ‘she’s the tree in the forest and you fall without notice’

    this is tear my fucking heart out beautiful. perfect, really.

    [hello, i’m here via Hope]

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