An open letter to my (very much hypothetical) daughter

Hi, sweetie.

I should warn you now that I’ve going to have advice for you. Like, a lot. About any number of things.

Fashion. School. Boys. (Hint: they are all bad.) The best phone package. Cars, Music you should or shouldn’t be listening to. Cooking. Laundry. Oily t-zones.


Some of it will be serious. Some will be silly. You’ll know the difference.

Today I want to give you some advice that I hope you’ll take to heart.

NEVER settle when it comes to love.

Never, ever.

I want your mother and I to be an almost impossible example to live up to. But you’ll know it isn’t really. You’ll get that sometimes it is hard, but that we battle through.

You’ll see the way I look at her. You’ll feel the love filling the house.

You’ll want that before you even know what it is.

And what I want?

I want for you to find someone who knows that every minute they spend on this planet where they aren’t part of your life is time misspent.

Someone who will lift you up when the world tries to keep you down.

Someone who listens, hears, and remembers.

Someone who shows restraint when fighting, but never with their love.

Someone who talks to you, and about you, with equal measures of giddy excitement and awe.

Someone who wants to put you on their shoulders when you’re victorious. And will put you on their back after a loss.

Someone who blesses you every single time you sneeze.

Someone who’ll give you the last piece of cake.

Someone you hate to leave, but friggin’ love coming back to.

Someone who cares about something because you do.

Someone who is never going to be okay with you experiencing any kind of hurt.

Someone who knows that the right way to be honest involves a delicacy that not everyone can pull off. But they’ll work every day to be good at it.

Someone who’ll go to the store for Popsicles when you’re sick.

Someone who will make you coffee in the morning.

Someone who’ll say “I love you” every single time they think it.

Someone whose loyalty you’ll never doubt for a moment.

Someone who never adds “for a girl.”

Someone who slips love notes into your jacket pockets.

Someone creative.

Someone funny.

Someone with a curious mind for things others might not deem important.

Someone who never stops trying and never stops wooing.

Someone who’ll wash the dishes that were left out overnight and may require a jackhammer to clean.

Someone who gives you your birthday present early, because they just can’t wait, and has to buy you another one.

Someone who sees you as an equal. At the very least.

Someone who’ll take the dog out in the wee hours.

Someone who wants to be a member of a successful team.

Someone who has a smile just for you.

Someone you make better, and who does the same for you.

Someone who puts others before themselves.

Someone willing to be the big spoon every single time you need it, and will ask to be the little one if they need it sometimes.

Someone who will quite literally take a bullet for you.

I want all of that for you and, my God, I want you to recognize it.

I want you to grab it.

I want you to hold on tight.

And I want you to love back just as hard.

There are so much other stuff that go into relationships. There could be arguments about money, kids, where to live, and things of that nature.

They will be important discussions, to be sure.

But when love is true, when love is real, when love is huge, and when a love is one of the all-timers, you’ll figure the rest out.

You will.

You can compromise on many things, little chicklet.

Love isn’t one of them.






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