An open letter to high school senior Peter…

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  1. Ashley says:

    hahaha thanks for the laugh peter! and yes i know i’m gchatting with you right now but i thought i’d comment on the funnyness that is this post. Wouldn’t it be great if we actually listened to ourselves?

  2. Miriam says:

    Oh Peter, if only our past selves would listen. If only.

    I love that you try to explain Facebook to your past self though, that’s gold!

  3. mindy says:

    Um, your dad says what???

  4. Molly says:

    Haha invent Facebook. Love it.

  5. Clink says:

    God, we have such good ideas sometimes. I love our brains.

  6. each of the two says:

    do you think this is why we try so hard to get our younger siblings to listen to us?

  7. blogging says:

    like i said to molls and clink: brilliant idea. love. it. i think i’m going to totally jump on the bandwagon. :)

  8. Peter says:

    ashley: That WOULD be great. But, I don’t listen to myself now, so I suspect Past Peter would be even worse to deal with.

    miriam: I should have typed slower.

    mindy: I know, right? I think it’s a compliment.

    molly: I could have made me rich, I tells ya!

    clink: Me too! I adore us.

    each: Yup. And children eventually.

    blogging barbie: We’ll require credit. Or cash. Maybe both.

  9. Susie says:

    Yesss, girls from Massachusetts are the best! Glad you know it…but you do know we are all Pats fans, right?

    Invent Facebook. Hehe.

  10. Peter says:

    susie: I should also warn you that women from Massachusetts looooooooove me. So, be prepared. (Women from all other states are largely indifferent.)

    Boooo Pats!

  11. Michelle and the City says:

    if i got a letter from my future self i’d probably ball it up and throw it in the trash. haha. but it’s fun to imagine how we would go about things differently seeing where we are now. i know you probably haven’t heard it but you should listen to brad paisley’s “letter to me”.

  12. pistols at dawn says:

    2007 you is wicked sagacious.

    Mine would have been more along the lines of, “Jim won’t be looking for that suckerpunch. Take him down.”

  13. Airam says:

    I’ve been seeing a lot of writing to your past self these days. I think I may have to steal this but put a twist on it.

  14. Hope says:

    “It is OK for professors to know your name. You can talk to them. You are not in Witness Relocation.”

    Oh man, Peter. That cracked me up. Can I quote you on that?

  15. sid says:

    I enjoyed that. I think that I too might write a letter to my high school self.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Really great…. If only we could change the past, huh? Not all of it, but at least the stupid stuff.

    Glad I stopped by to read (Molly referred me) :)

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