Amanda's Composition Challenge

Amanda wants to know about our weaknesses…

Pleasing others. (Only sometimes, really.)

Addictive personality.

Big dreams.

(Senseless) Guilt.


Enjoying reclining too much.


Expectations. (For both myself and others.)

Patience. (Both a lack and an overabundance.)

People that need help. (For whatever reason.)

Fear of not accomplishing all the things I have planned.

I tend to see the best in people. I assume that their intentions are pure. So, if they cross me… I really don’t take it well.

To be a “good guy,” I can and will put up with a lot of shit. To a point. It has a lot to do with motives. If I feel like someone is knowingly screwing with me… I become cold. VERY cold. They are dead to me. Their families, friends, and pets are dead to me. You don’t come back from that.

Women… rocking a ponytail, taking care of a child, sans make-up after a long day, who occasionally wear this style of shirt, who are extremely intelligent and arty/soulful/”deep,” being open and honest with me, pouting… mostly jokingly, letting me spoil, making me feel like I can let my guard down, who let their guard down with me, who can sing, who can’t sing but do it anyway, who can quote from The Simpsons (as well as many other TV shows and movies), that love their families almost to a fault, who are kind and thoughtful and loyal, who are good friends, who are positive in general, and women who make me feel more like myself with them than I do without them.

I will never display my entire true self in a public blog.

0 thoughts on “Amanda's Composition Challenge

  1. pinknest: I am sometimes a man of strange and specific tastes. There is also another kind that I like, less low-cut, straps kind of come together in more of a diamond in the upper chestal region.

  2. I think I’m going to start referring to you as my “Canadian Husband” Because you’re exactly like my husband…only Canadian. :)

  3. You shouldn’t go professing your love for women JUST LIKE ME on the internet, you know.

    Just kidding. Great list. Ditto on the public blog and the not taking it well when crossed. Tends to turn me into a nuclear bitch.

  4. cdp: I think it is totally OK to absolutely go to war if someone crosses you.

    clink: You are far too kind. And most likely just sent cold chills down the spine of all single female readers. ;)

    hellafied: Saucy! Though, to be fair, wouldn’t commas, also, be one?

  5. Ooohhh, that senseless guilt–that’s a *good* one.

    I know you’ll never completely reveal the true Peter, but I didn’t see The Golden Girls on here.

    C’mon. You’re safe with us, PDW.

  6. camikaos: Would I wear a safari hat for that?

    esse: Ha! Did you read the Open Letter to Future Wife post?

    123valerie: I completely stand by everything I said in that Golden Girls post!

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