All Stupid-like and Contagious-y

If this is your first time visiting PDDC, let me catch you up…

I like watching TV.

There ya go.

That being said, it should come as no surprise that the words “season finale” cause me to be a little bit bummed. It’s kind of like when you are 15 and the summer is ending. All the cute girl tourists and visitors from away are all leaving and going back to their lives. And you just know that you won’t see another damn woman in this freakin’ town for 8 more months and that it is going to be a BLEAK winter. Uhm, you know, hypothetically speaking.

Sure, you may luck out and get a decent show premiering in the summer. (I’m looking at you “Prison Break.”) But, for the most part, you are going to be trying to console yourself with a new season of “Big Brother.” That’s not good for anybody.

And, let’s face it, it’s easier to find a skinny Baldwin brother than a good movie being released in the summer.

That pretty much means you are stuck with DVD renting. I was all set to finally get around to watching MARCH OF THE PENGUINS when someone told me there is a dead baby penguin in it. (Fine, I heard it on “Gilmore girls” last night.) Morgan Freeman or no, there is no way I am going to watch a baby penguin snuff film. Not happening.

I guess that leaves… books.

Now, I was a voracious reader as a child. In the 5th grade, I can remember reading all The Lords of the Ringses, The Hobbit and The Canterbury Tales. This was probably also when I first encountered the word “voracious.” But, in the 7th grade, something funny happened on the way to being literate…

Students from a neighbouring town started coming to our junior high school. So we had double the number of girls in our classes. And with the exception of a brief post-college reading jag, I haven’t been as into books since. (The 9.5 million filmmaking and screenwriting books don’t count.)

But, I am about to change all of that…

Caprice Crane’s “Stupid & Contagious” is in bookstores NOW.

If you aren’t familiar with Caprice, you should pop over to her site now and roam around. Well, you could wait until you are done reading this.

You’ll find a bio there, but my favourite description of her is, “She carries a picture of her old pick-up truck in her wallet and has an ass that would make a priest cry.”

Pick-up truck. That’s good stuff.

Publishers Weekly had this to say:

This funny duet pairs two New York City 20-something neighbors: Heaven Albright, whose reversal in fortunes transforms her from uber-PR exec to bumbling waitress, and Brady Gilbert, an aspiring music producer with problems navigating the bright lights of the big city. The story of their personal and professional travails unfolds in alternating chapters, appealingly narrated by zany Heaven and wry Brady. The two meet-cute downstairs at the deli, and even if the novel’s arc is familiar (it’s instantly obvious that Heaven and Brady’s initial distaste for each other can never last), Crane’s giddy, playful prose feels fresh. When Heaven inevitably gets fired from the restaurant, she joins Brady on a trip to Seattle, where he hopes for a face-to-face meeting with Starbucks founder Howard Schultz to pitch him an idea for Cinnamilk (the flavor left after you’ve eaten cinnamon cereal). The adventures that play out from New York to Seattle as the two pursue their idealistic dreams prove so much fun that a touch of predictability hardly matters. TV writer Crane heavily spices her debut with pop culture references from the ’80s to the present day and keeps the story moving with snappy dialogue, a combo likely to entertain legions of (gum-popping) readers.

I haven’t read it yet, but I still want to post my own pre-review. Let me see…

“Easily my most anticipated book of 2006. If you only read one book this year – and I likely will – make it Stupid & Contagious.” – Peter Dewolf

I don’t like feeling left out of things.

So, I just ordered my copy. You should too! What else are you going to do? Watch “Big Brother?” Come on…

4 thoughts on “All Stupid-like and Contagious-y

  1. jen: Then you should go out and buy it right away. What’s $9.99 to someone who runs an investment bank? (If I understand your job correctly.)

  2. The three reviews on Amazon so far are glowing and she does have an LA booksigning in June. Hmm, perhaps I could shuffle another book to the front of my reading queue…

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