all i want, future wife

Despite my charming quirks, habits and whatevers, love, I am a pretty simple man.

This is what I want:

I want someone who understands that the little things are sometimes the biggest.

I want someone who understands the big things can be handled when we do it together.

I want someone who knows I won’t ask unless I need to.

I want someone who won’t make me ask twice without a good reason.

I want someone who sometimes doesn’t make me ask at all.

I want to be appreciated for the inevitable spoiling.

I want to be inspired by her behavior to spoil even more.

I want someone who sees the good things I don’t publicize.

I want someone willing to point out the good things that I don’t even notice.

I want a best friend and a Muse.

I want someone who understands I have responsibilities (even if I’ve taken them on voluntarily) and realizes that helping me complete them will get me back to kicking ass twice as quickly.

I want to never go to bed angry.

I want to wake up to kisses every single morning.

I want to be pushed, while appreciated.

I want someone who never mistakes kindness for weakness.

I want someone who knows, without question, that love never, ever, EVER comes with asterisks or conditions.

I want someone who wants to love balls-out.

I want someone who gets it without being told.

I want someone who appreciates that I get it. That I know. That I understand. That I can almost read her mind.

I want someone who sees that flaws can be strengths.

I want to be supported, not changed.

I want to be loved because of, not in spite of.

I want someone who makes me feel like no matter how much love I give, she deserves just a little bit more.

And that she’ll give it back.

That’s you.

And that’s pretty nifty.





photo credit: SMN via photopin cc

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