all dulcet and junk

I likes me some female voices.

I am a sucker for accents, including, but not limited to:

1) Australian women (preferably born and raised in Canberra before moving to Sydney.)
2) English women (especially when they say “lovely” or “ehm” instead of “uhm.)
3) Emily Procter (ALWAYS.)

I am also a sucker for some female singers. It all started with my Lisa Loeb crush from the early 90s. And just tonight I found a new one.

This chick (who herself has a voice that reminds you of a baby panda riding a unicorn) asked me to track down a Leona Naess song for her. And I did. And Leona’s voice is all swoon-inducing.


Leona Naess – Sunny Sunday.mp3

4 thoughts on “all dulcet and junk

  1. I could barely listen, what with all the swooning and whatnot.

    Oh wait…

    I have a thing for accents, too– and I agree with you COMPLETELY on the Australian and British accents (though through in Irish or Boston and I’m gone too). I may be think of male voices though…


    (Canadian, too!)

  2. Australian accents? Are you kidding? We sound awful! We have an awful twang! I cringe whenever I hear people from my country in a movie – particularly as they always emphasise the twang.

    But I’m with you on the English accents!

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