All about Pete…

For some odd reason, my traffic has more than tripled in the past month. I’m as surprised as you are.

I wanted to do something to help the newcomers catch up with the goings on so far. I know that many bloggers do a “100 things about me” post. I considered that, but despite the fact that I find myself immensely fascinating, I don’t think that I have that kind of dedication. By #73 I’d just be making shit up. “Had threesome with Angie Dickenson and Elizabeth Montgomery.”

So, I figured I’d link to some of my past posts that explain who I am, and what PDDC is all about.

Here goes…

My Adorably Cute Niece (aka “the ACN”) is my pride and joy and favouritest person on earth. I think she likes me too.

She has sneaky stuffed animals. Who lead lives of their own.

I wrote her a kids’ book.

I sometimes randomly launch into pieces of short fiction. Like this one. Oh yeah, this one too. Nearly forgot this little one.

I might have an ego problem. Possibly. Just a little. A smidge even.

It lead me to trying a vlog.

My little cousin is referred to as “the monkey.” She is bossy. She loves the pool. She is very quotable.

I am much less quotable.

I have a background in… the theatre. (Please note that I typed that in a British accent.)

I am influenced by family. Not always a good thing. Sometimes it is.

I am clearly not a poet.

Not even when it comes to “you know who.” I may be a bit addicted. I am fighting it… with mixed results.

I don’t understand art. Or the middle east.

In university I lived in an apartment. I wrote a quadrilogy about it. Quadrology? Something. Part I, Part II, Part III & Part IV.

Man, I still miss that place.

I’m not afraid to tackle the serious issues.

I’ve read one book since starting this blog.

I used to love hockey.

Anne Hathaway is good.

So is rocking the vote.

This explains some things.

And sometimes I just write stuff to amuse myself. Another example of just that.

Oh, it’s true.

Every blog needs a post about a dead hooker, right?


So, there is a recap of what has gone on so far at PDDC.

Hopefully I’ll come up with something new and/or interesting for tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “All about Pete…

  1. Love the intro post. 100 Things are Overrated anyway.

    I’ll tell you who isn’t overrated though. Lauren Graham. Love that woman, in a straight, would love to have your job sorta way, of course.

  2. Dude! The hole LG thing explains a lot… Funny enough, I have no clue who she is. You know I always say, “Dare to dream my friends and always swing for the fence!”.

  3. janet:Thanks. While I greatly appreciate Miss Graham’s acting talents, I am also able to enjoy her on a very different level.

    darren:No clue… My friend, you are missing out. And welcome to blogger!

  4. What a good day to stumble on your blog. A perfect little recap.

    Excuse me while I go sit on my couch, think about the ET posts, and laugh all by myself like a crazy person.

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