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19 Responses

  1. DCPTexas says:

    I might just read this 100 more times. Don’t forget a good anchor. Running aground while “coming about” sucks.

  2. Wendryn says:

    Sweet and distracting all at once. Nice.

    Random question, though – how did she crinkle his nose?

  3. Linz says:

    Tell me this actually happened. You write some of the best stuff…

  4. Monica says:

    I’m going to forward this to my boyfriend and tell him to buy a boat! LOL

  5. Ask Alice says:

    I went sailing for the first time when I was with my Nana and her hubby on his boat down around Seattle somewhere last year. We had such a good time, and I never realized how peaceful it could be!
    Thanks for the reminder

  6. I really really liked this.

  7. Alexia says:

    Was it you I asked about how you would propose? It’s not a common subject for me so I don’t know why I can’t remember who I asked.

    And thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my ode to the moon.

  8. Cindy says:

    *sigh* I got all serious while writing tonight. I wish I could dream this vividly. I do, actually… guess it never occurred to me to write it down. You’re good. I mean it:)

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