Monday was a big day for me tv-wise. In addition to my age-inappropriate crush Kat Dennings appearing on Carson Daly (did you know that scurvy son of a bitch was still on tv?), the love of my life Lauren Graham was on Ellen.


I swooned 54 times watching that.

0 thoughts on “adoreadoreadore

  1. Did you not listen– she totally DID eat!

    I loved that part. The whole “drink only juice as part of some crazy cleanse” thing was just a “suggestion”! :D

    You two will have adorable babies. Clearly.

  2. tia: I love the bit about needing a pizza.

    jenbun: I kinda assume I could make adorable babies with anyone. You know, be default.

  3. The 54 times you “swooned”, was that during different parts of the interview, or did you replay 54 times the part where she said your name?

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