ACN's Day at School

The ACN had a good day today at school.

– She played “the statue game.” (Music is played, and when it stops they have to freeze like statues.) She loved it.

– She got some extra computer time. (They have a computer pimped out for her to use.) A little boy in grade four played with her. His name is Josh. According to her teacher, who writes in a book that travels back and forth to ACN’s Mommy & Daddy, ACN “greatly enjoyed his company.” I asked if he was a nice boy and she just giggled. I should have given her the “no flirting” speech again.

– She found out that she has to wear a red shirt to school on Friday for a Remembrance Day thingy.

– She let the people in the PT/OT clinic borrow her bike so that a little boy could try it. It turns out that he can use it, so he’ll be getting one of his own. Yay!

5 thoughts on “ACN's Day at School

  1. I didn’t realize her eyesight was so bad she needed ginormous specs! Good thing they are so fashionable…

    “Flirting speech.” Nice.

  2. Awesome. The next best thing to having an excellent day yourself is hearing about someone like the ACN having one. Heck, even if you’re having an incredible day hearing about hers somehow makes it even better.

    Thanks Peter!

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