ACNs and Uncle Pete's Flip Video Camera

The munchkin was visiting this weekend and took quite a liking to my new little camera dealie.

I am not sure if she enjoyed starring in videos or watching herself on TV more.

Probably even.

And she didn’t really care what she was doing, as long as I recorded it and let her watch it.

Well, there was one exception.  While the cam was running, I asked her if she needed a bath later that morning.  This angered her.  She started to throw a tiny fit de hissy, but I said, “I am recording thiiiiis.”

She stopped immediately.

She thought for a moment and then started laughing.

That could come in handy.

Once we had a set of 5 or 6 little videos, she just wanted to sit in front of the TV and watch them.  (Who could blame her, really?)

We had a couple of The Monkey too.  I asked The ACN if she wanted to watch those.

She thought for a second and then shook her head no.

And went back to watching herself on TV.

(I haven’t figured out how to edit or shrink the file sizes yet, so none for this post.)

0 thoughts on “ACNs and Uncle Pete's Flip Video Camera

  1. Adorable! But we are absolutely going to need some clips soon… This level of cuteness must be shared!!

    (Oh yeah, you can be in the video too, if you insist… :P)

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