ACN Visit Days 2-4

I set up a gmail account for The ACN so she can send mails to her favourite people.  The other day we sent an email to her grandpa.  He was in the next room.

“Dear Grandpa,

You just sneezed.

Do you have boogers?



The ACN still gets very excited any time I play Flo Rida’s “Low” for her.  She throws her hands in the air and squeals with delight.  And then she shows me the sign for “more.”  Which, in this case, means “Crank up the volume, Unc!!”

Frankly that is exactly how I react to any song that mentions giving a big booty a smack too.


Unc: What did Daddy say in the e-mail?  Was it “be good and listen to Uncle Pete?”

ACN: Yeah.

Unc: Is that what you are going to do?

ACN shakes her head “no.”

7 thoughts on “ACN Visit Days 2-4

  1. Said it before, saying it again: Love the ACN’s ‘tude and the way she has her Unc tight-wrapped around her little finger.

    Keep cranking that Flo-rida!

  2. I apologize in advance for the threadjack, but PDW! Why am I only now discovering That you have a book and, indeed, a book one can *buy*?! And I didn’t have a whiff of this, much less the honor of reading a manuscript. Sigh. Miss you, sunshine.

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