ACN Visit Day 1

Uncle Pete: Want to do some baking with Unc?

ACN shakes her head “no.”

Uncle Pete: You can be my assistant chef.

ACN shakes her head “no.”

Uncle Pete: You want to be the chef and I am YOUR assistant?


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  1. MissE says:

    you know what?
    soon as i saw ACN in the title i smiled coz i knew it would be another great story of how the awesome niece puts her uncle in his place, that it wrapped firmly around her little finger.
    thank you for sharing these, Pete.

  2. MissE says:

    and i meant is not it… darn typos.

  3. Little Fish says:

    Already ordering men around! Love it!

  4. lindenfan1 says:

    I need an ACN (or your ACN, but I don’t think you will give her up)… not only because she sounds like the cutest thing in the whole world, but also so she could do my cooking for me. I mean seriously – I would totally do the dishes if someone else would cook.

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