about me #8…

The summer in Peteville brings lots of old friends home from far off lands. And it is (usually) nice to see them. Conversation always turns to everyone who is married, having kids, etc. And then I am asked…

“How come you’re not married yet?”

What I think: “I guess I am just waiting for… awesome. I want her friends to call her “the sweetest person I know.” I want her to be brilliant… and to make me want to be smarter. I want her to be funny. You know, in that clever way that is far, far too rare. And I want her to be cute… SO cute that it breaks your heart a little each time you look at her.”

What I say: “Clean living, motherfucker. Clean living. Whooooo!”

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  1. Caitlyn says:

    I do the same sort of thing.

    “Wooooo single life!”

    But really wanting the guy that all of my friends love. The one who can come to our dinners and hold his own in conversation and make them all laugh. And make me laugh.

  2. Scottsdale Girl says:

    That Criteria?

    Guess you can scratch “Brilliant” off.

  3. dmbmeg says:

    the sweetest person I know.

    well that takes me out of the running too. Oh well Pete. It was good while it lasted.

  4. jazz says:

    such a romantic, you are…

  5. canadian sadie says:

    I am about to appropriate your response and use it as my own.

    Thus far, I’ve been responding with:
    “I *KNOW*! How can anybody resist all THIS?” I then flex, squeeze my boobs together in my classiest manner, and then change the subject to my sex fetishes and my injectable drug addictions.

  6. ~Tim says:

    Exactly! But if you stay single long enough, most of them will stop asking….

  7. Stefanie says:

    That “sweetest person I know” part would take me out of the running, too.

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