about me #6…

A girlfriend once told me, “I hate it when you are sarcastic.”

I recently told this story to an unholy grouping of friends and family. It was, obviously, met with a great deal of laughter and a “Was it her first day meeting you?!” And led to me saying, “I know, right? Why not ask me to be 5’7″?”

If memory serves, after my giggling subsided, my reply to the girlfriend in question was, “Yeah… I can see this all ending very badly for you.”

0 thoughts on “about me #6…

  1. Nope! I already did one of those. Took me FOREVER. and that was with me making up all kinds of shit.

    I got tagged by Wanderlust for that 8 things dealie, so I am doing it this way.

  2. *snicker* That’s how *I* tend to respond to questions like that. I.e. “You’re pretty sarcastic, aren’t you?”

    “Who? ME?!? Never.”

  3. An ex once asked me if I could be less funny. Little did he know my comedic genius is not something that can be turned on and off like a water tap. That ended badly for him.

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