About last night…

And I don’t mean the crappy Rob Lowe movie from 1986.

Or do I?

(I don’t.)

Since I can’t watch the NBA playoffs now that the Raptors are out, I spent the early part of last evening just flipping through channels.

I wandered into “Ghosts of Abu Ghraib.”

SO disturbing.

I guess that my outrage had faded a bit in the couple years since the photos were on the news. It came rushing back immediately. I wanted to switch the channel many times, but just couldn’t.

The timing seemed fitting since I (jokingly) mentioned man’s inhumanity to man in my post yesterday. However, I don’t think Robert Burns could have envisioned the tales told by the people that were held in that prison.

Then I spent an hour watching the Boogie Wonderland clusterfuck that was “American Idol.”

After that I tuned into “Shaking All Over,” a documentary on the history of Canadian music. (The good stuff like Gordon Lightfoot, not the bad stuff like Celine Dion.) It was AWESOME. So many classic Canadian bands and performers.

During the section on folk singers, I wondered if I could write a folk/protest song. (This joined a list that already includes, “I wonder if I can write an Archie comic,” and “I wonder if I can write a Penthouse Forum letter.”)

So, being me, I grabbed a pen and a notebook and wrote this:

The darkness.
The darkness surrounds, but never consumes.
The rage.
The rage pauses, but always resumes.
The damage.
The damage is done, but can be healed.
The hope.
The hope is hiding, but will be revealed.

And then someone messaged me on MSN and I wandered off.

I totally forgot about it until I was making my bed this morning and saw the notebook on the floor. Then I had a “What the fuck is that horseshit?” moment.

Which was quickly followed by a “Something to blog about, suckas!” moment.

0 thoughts on “About last night…

  1. I wonder if anyone ever tried to make a compilation CD of “favourite protest songs”. I’ll bet some tried, but were frustrated getting permission to use the songs.

    What’s the antithesis of the protest song? Is there such thing as an establishment propaganda song? What would it be? “The Day The Music Died?” perhaps?

  2. Maybe now that the Raptors are out, you should start watching the Jazz… :)

    Second game is tonight!

  3. Hmm. Sounds pretty good. Now you just need a couple of chords on the guitar and some angstful wailing and you may have yourself a hit!

  4. Hahaha! I often write little memo’s to myself for future posts and then go “WTF is that about??” when i read them back. Things like, “flange amateurs” and “Masty time” which I THINK was a ditty sung to the tune of Mc Hammers, Hammertime……I think.

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