“Peter has without a doubt one of the sexiest accents on the planet. Not to mention he is witty, unpretentious, fastidious in his compliment giving, has a beautiful and easy way with words, and is one of the most kind, caring, amazing uncles and men I have had the pleasure of knowing. I sleep easier knowing that Peter exists in the universe every night. Did I mention his sexy voice?” — Megan

“Peter is the Canadian that Americans think of when they touch down in Europe and pin maple leaves to their backpacks. His writing has left tears rolling down my face, filled an empty room with the sound of my laughter, and turned my cheeks a lovely shade of crimson. He is a supportive boyfriend, rockstar uncle, and the most compassionate friend I could ask for. I’m gushing, only because he is gush-worthy.” — Sarah / @sarahdotcom

“Peter is that guy whose writing is there when you need a good chuckle and whose friendship is there when you need anything at all, including but not limited to: an enormous shipment of Aero bars, the latest album from your favorite band, a feeling of superiority in the fact that you’re not Canadian, and someone who is always willing to listen to your gchat bitching about whatever first world problem you’re suffering from that day. I’d say he’s a keeper.” — Jenn / @jenniferalaine

“Peter has an uncanny knack for starting the kind of conversation you never realized you’d always wanted to have.” — Lauren / @laurentheanimal

“Peter is not only a whiz at writing dialogue that makes me spit out my drink in laughter, but he is also a true gentleman.” — Eleni Zoe / @elenizoe

“Peter is the only person I know who can vertically jump seven feet high and sneeze with his eyes open. (But not simultaneously.)” — @capricecrane

“Peter has a way of making you swoon with his words, whether it’s wanting to be the girl in his writings, the tenderness he displays in sharing personal details, or the hilarity of a situation that he recounts for you to burst out laughing at. Also, Peter is just a really cool generally nice all-around good guy – and those are rarer and rarer these days.” — Jess / @thejessgill

“Peter brings every one one step closer to their 7 degrees of separation from Ryan Gosling being that he’s the only Canadian I know.” — Kristin / @kristinblakely

“Peter responds to emails more quickly and consistently than anyone I know.” — Doniree / @doniree



I’m Peter. I’m a writer. I love: My adorably cute niece. The Toronto Blue Jays, The Wire, The West Wing, Office Space, blogging, words, awesomeness, Clint Eastwood westerns, wearing a baseball cap, plaid shirts, outer space, pancakes, Canada and tall brilliant girls with spectacular fashion sense. I don’t so much love: Smoking. Rude people.