A Very Monkey Halloween

This is The Monkey getting ready to do some hardcore trick or treating.

Apparently she wasn’t into going the cute route this year. Actually, last year she went as a vampire/witch hybrid.

I told her that she looked like an angry melting grape.

She ignored that.

She told me all about her plans to make sure that people wouldn’t know who she was. Then she told me that her mommy was driving her around so that she could get to the houses of pretty much everyone she has ever met, before the 8 pm curfew.

Then she headed towards the door.

She turned back suddenly and said, “And I DON”T look like an angry melting grape, Peter.”

Later in the evening, her 60+ year old grandparents came to the door — trick or treating in full costume!

3 hours after she left, I met up with The Monkey and got a debriefing from her.

She ended up with SIX grocery bags full of goodies.

I asked her if she had fun. She said, “I did have fun.”

Then The Monkey Mommy said, “Peter, I almost had to honk the horn at every house! She was socializing. She was in the last place for 15 minutes!”

The Monkey turned to her and said, “They HAD to show me their new kitty. Neko. It’s Siamese!!”

0 thoughts on “A Very Monkey Halloween

  1. i only get to give out candies to two groups of kids, one group didn’t even dress up! can’t blame anyone as i got home a bit too late (8ish) but i was hoping my first halloween would be a lot more fun. now i have a big bag of candies i don’t know what to do with.

    the little girl that did dress up was super cute though.

  2. niki: I think they started it a few years back because of all the little delinquents.

    skinny: Big bag of candies, eh? Did you buy anything good?

    miriam: With her it isn’t the number of houses she hits, it is how spoiled she is by the people that live there. She doesn’t get the usual treats they are giving out to other kids, everyone does her up a special bag full of goodies.

  3. pete, i have the 67 oz, 230 pieces special Minis Mix of snickers, milky way, 3 musketeers and twix.

    i think i still have 200 pieces left… will they last another year?

  4. Tell her she can feel free to send some of her six bags of candy over to a very sick girl in NYC. Specifically: Reese’s.

    The girl has a gift. I have a feeling that when she gets older she’s going to be the type of girl who gets things just handed to her because of her awesomeness and all of her friends are secretly going to be so jealous.

  5. one of my kindergarteners was a witch/vampire hybrid. i called her a witch (the costume bag said witch’s costume and witch’s hat) but she insisted that she was a vampire. the dress even had little witches all over it. whatever.

    we have curfew here too. it used to be 2-8. now it’s 3-7.

  6. skinny: Year old chocolate is no good. I say eat ’em. Eat ’em all!

    clink: Reeses don’t seem to be big here. Lots of Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp, Aero and the REAL Smarties.

    sara: Maybe the witch/vampire thing is going to catch on. I prefer zombie/devils, but I am old school.

    airam: You are so right. That kid can work a room. Dances on command. Will speak french to complete the sale.

    stormin’: I know, right? And she really doesn’t eat a lot of candy in general. Her on a sugar high would be like a humming bird… on a sugar high.

    caity: I am looking at a bag of the tiny Kit Kats even as I type this.

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