A Sonnet For Lauren Graham

Because I know that I’m going to be busy Monday-Wednesday, I am sitting here on Saturday morning working on a post for you people. That’s dedication.

So, here is a sonnet for the lovely and talented Lauren Graham. I’m no poet, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Why, tell me why, was a sonnet my choice,
In this particular scenario?
Mostly because I have a crappy voice,
That’d clusterfuck an oratorio.
It didn’t take long to see you’re the one.
(My iambic pentameter’s shitty.)
I think it was on “Third Rock From The Sun,”
Or maybe “Caroline in the City.”
Man, I adored the crap out of “Townies.”
Working on “Family Guy” just makes me sad.
It really just gives me all kinds of… frownies.
What Thornton did to you in SANTA,BAD.
Such beauty and charm couldn’t be clearer.
Not seen since I last looked in my mirror.

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