a snippet from something bigger

“I helped myself to the yogurt.”

“Uhm. Nobody has been in that fridge in months. Not sure I’d chance it.”

“Ehhh. It’s fine. I’m popping antibiotics for… an unrelated medical condition.”

“Should I ask?”

“I really wish that you wouldn’t.”

“Sooooo we haven’t talked in ages. What do you do for fun around here these days?”

“What do I do for fun around here? Oh my word. SO many things. Where do I even start? I mean, what DON’T I do?”


“Naw. I take a lot of naps.”

“Ahh. I see.”

“A LOT.”


“Does this look like a blueberry to you?”


“I also play around a lot on the internet.”


“At Party Poker UK mostly.”

“You’ve always liked poker and– Wait. Why UK?”

“I really like the idea of beating guys who are wearing bow ties and eating scones.”

“I’m sure they’re not all eating s–”


“Okay. How is the poker going?”

“Very well. See this shirt?”


“Why thank you.”

“Are those pearl snaps?”

“I bought it on ebay with poker winnings.”

“You’ve really taken to the internet. What happened to the guy that feared it was stealing your thoughts?”

“Realized that maybe my thoughts weren’t all that valuable.”

They sit in comfortable silence. It’s as if no time has passed. That’s how true friendship is. They get you. You get them. There’s a familiarity. A connection on a higher level.

“Oh man. That was so not a blueberry.”

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