0 thoughts on “A short open letter to my future wife…

  1. princess extraordinaire: Isn’t everything, really?

    anonymous: Whoa. Whoa. You’re kind of handcuffing me here.

    hope: Why doesn’t anyone take me seriously?

  2. Uhh…not okay.

    Boo Colts.

    Actually, I am really not into the whole garter thing in general, but i’m with Sara on the White Sox.

  3. Not at all a dealbreaker. If my future husband really wanted to wear that then I’d be all too willing. Of course he should know that I AM going to ask for something in return. Jimmy Choo shoes perhaps?

  4. Dear Honey,

    Not a chance in hell. It makes me think of Peyton Manning and, um, thus I’m afraid it would make YOU think of Peyton Manning and let’s just not go there.


    Your Future Wife

  5. ashley: I’m a scamp, I am.

    stormin’: I KNEW that you’d understand, dude.

    pbandrazz: Boo… Colts?

    jenbun: She sounds delightful!

    sara: We had a good run.

    dawn: That’s just kooky talk.

    airam: I DID. And you are not even a little surprised.

    steph: Likes ’em? I loves ’em!

    sid: Shouldn’t all husbands buy their wives Jimmy Choos regularly?

    clink: You raise a disturbing point.

    jamelah: I am wearing those… right… now…

    a lil’ irish lass: I am not sure if I can put into words just how cute you’d have to be to make that OK.

  6. My sentiments exactly in regard to the Colts. Hence the suggestion of a trade-off. Just tryingto prepare you for a woman’s possible counter offer. ;-)

  7. No way is that a deal breaker. A friend of mine recently got married, and got an Oklahoma State garter (his alma mater) to surprise her new husband. Now that’s a good woman.

  8. I can see myself sporting this, in his team colors, if the right guy came along…and if that isn’t a sign of how much you love your guy, I don’t know what is!!

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