A scene without a home

Andrea and Susan sit at Andrea’s kitchen table in her smallish apartment. The two women stare at a home pregnancy kit box sitting between them.

Andrea: How much time is left?

Susan (looking at her watch): Two minutes.

Andrea: Wow. Time is moving slowly.

Susan: Yup. Maybe we should talk about something else.

Andrea: Sure. What?

Susan: Did you see “Studio 60” last night?

Andrea: Yeah. I adore it.

Susan: How cute is the “Danny” character?

Andrea: I LOVED it when he was getting people to writer letters of recommendation to get Jordan to date him.

Susan: Me too!

Andrea: I’d love for a guy to make some big declaration of love for me. You know? Like one of those “movie moments.” Lloyd Dobbler with a ghetto blaster on his head. Or just the PERFECT speech. Something.

Susan: You could be the one that makes the grand romantic gesture. Women do it too.

Andrea: I suppose…

Susan: Like Julia Roberts in that movie.

Andrea: The one where she is… just a girl, standing in front of a boy, running away from a wedding, while fighting against polluters and being a hooker with a heart of gold?

Susan: Sounds like the one.

Andrea: Yeah, maybe.

Susan: Yeah.

Susan checks her watch. Andrea taps her fingers on the table.

: Who did you say this cd was?

Andrea: Lilly Allen.

Susan: She’s good.

Andrea: Indeed.

Susan’s watch starts beeping. Andrea is up like a shot and running out of the room. Susan resets her watch. Lilly Allen sings. Two neighbours argue.

Andrea sticks her head back in the doorway.

: The chocolate chip cookies are done! Let’s eat them while they are hot!

Susan: Yay! Oh… what about the pregnancy test? Aren’t you going to take it?

Andrea: Screw it. I probably won’t get much pregnanter overnight.

: Good point. Let’s watch a movie. I have a strange urge to watch something with–

Andrea: Julia Roberts?

Susan: Yes!

Andrea: Me too!

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  1. lauren: I’ve heard good things.

    eve: Naw. No sequel to this one. I can tell you if she is pregnant or not though, but I don’t want to ruin it for the others. :)

    Neil: Well, if there is anything I’m known for it’s — Oh wait.

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