a mission…

While I am posting here less often (off to a good start, eh?) I think that I will try to do a better job of commenting on all of your blogs.

And not just quantity of comments.

I want to absolutely ROCK your blog comment-receiving asses and blow your mind-holes.

I want to leave the kinds of comments that keep you up at night. Chuckling. Or thinking.

I want to leave comments that make you repeat them to friends over cocktails, or during proctological exams.

I want you all to want to have my giant sports-addicted Canadian babies. You don’t actually have to have them, you just have to WANT to. You have to feel it in your loins. Do girls have loins? What the hell ARE loins?

I want you to make me t-shirts (tiaras and sashes too) that indicate that I am your favourite commenter. EVER. Even though that will just make more of your readers come to my blog and read my half-assed excuses for posting less often. Which will, of course, fill me with self-loathing and guilt.

I want to write comments that make you hug your neighbour. Maybe linger a little too long. Cop a feel. Whatever. Follow your bliss.

I want you to squeal when I comment as if it was Kirk Cameron leaving you a message. Or, you know, someone that wasn’t a teen idol twenty years ago and is now making Christian adventure videos.

I want to change the world with my comments.

I also want the ragweed to fuck off.

0 thoughts on “a mission…

  1. I just found your blog, and the reason I found it was because I liked the comment you left on Molly’s blog, and so I clicked on your blog. So, as far as I’m concerned, 1/1 with the great comments so far today.

  2. because you have never commented on my blog, i can’t attest to your comment-leaving abilities.

    that being said, i actually have always dreamed of having giant sports-addicted Canadian babies. So. There.

  3. I don’t share my tiara, but I promise to want to have your children if you become a regular commenter on my blog…

  4. I just ordered a whole slew of solid coloured sashes and a home silk sash screening kit… just so I could pay homage to my fave commentors. How lucky is that!

  5. You know, if you had EVER left a comment (EVER), on either of my blogs, I might look forward to this, instead of chalking this post up to guilt-induced hubris.

    Or maybe you’re just blue balling, and this is how you sublimate.

    Meh… either way… {shrug}

  6. I think we do have loins, and I’m pretty sure mine are a-burnin’!

    Either that or it’s the chlamydia firing up again….hard to say, really.

  7. Comment away… Oh wait – I am not writing, currently. DAMMIT! It’s a conspiracy against me, right? Damn.
    And here I was dying to have your babies…

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