"A Man Has Got to Know His Limitations."

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  1. Amy says:

    A 16″ pizza a day, but can you eat a whole pizza in one sitting? I can, (a vegetarian one ofcourse). Even after all these years, my own mother can’t believe her eyes every time she sees me do it.

  2. Mood Indigo says:

    Blackberry is to Pete as Uggs are to Megan (with rationale like this I don’t know how I possibly bombed the GMAT)

  3. Peter says:

    amy: Typically I’d save one slice for breakfast the next day, but, yeah, I could totally polish off a full one.

    megan: You… me… *Pete points to Megan’s head and then his own.*

  4. jazz says:

    it’s not as fun as you think. too many decisions.

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