A Guide to Blogging

1. Blog because you want to, not out of obligation.

2. Change names to protect the innocent and guilty alike.

3. Find a blogging style/format that works for you. Then change it up.

4. Write in a format you’ve never tried before. Fiction. Nonfiction. Poetry.

5. No one is going to comment on your poetry. Post that shit anyway.

6. Be anonymous if you need/want to be. You can always change that later. You’re not Batman. Probably.

7. People like lists.

8. Start more trends than you follow.

9. Tweak any trends you follow to make them your own.

10. Jot down blog ideas whenever they come.

11. Read a lot of bloggers. People you have things in common with. Especially people you don’t.

12. If it’s honest, post it. If it’s scary, post it faster.

13. WordPress > Blogger.

14. If you can swing it, go for self-hosted with your own domain name. (Less than $60 a year.)

15. Dabble in all forms of social media. Vlog. Podcast. But always stay true to blogging.

16. Comment. A lot. If you love a post, tell the blogger. If you hate a post, go to another blog.

17. Socialize with other bloggers. Befriend. Respectfully debate. Flirt.

18. Give advice and support freely to new bloggers.

19. Enjoy it.

20. Just write whatever the fuck you want.


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22 thoughts on “A Guide to Blogging

  1. Brilliant. I am going to post some poetry right now!

    (I don’t actually have any ready, but one day…. The point is that one really made me fall in love with this list.)

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