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The new blog project is being worked on.  Essentially it involves me sending e-mails to some kick-ass bloggers and them replying to me.  That’s it.  Sounds simple, but I think it could be fun.  Sometimes the best writing I do, and read, is in e-mails.

A blogfriend told me that they already have a name for this…



Not sure if I’ll gather them all up and run them every day for a week.  Or if I’ll just post them as I get them.  I might even keep it going after the first five, depending on how it turns out.

Also, it’s not my fault that all the bloggers are pretty women.  Firstly, I think I only have two male readers: Ben & Matt. (Not Affleck & Damon.)

Secondly, blame the bloggers’ parents for making them so good looking.

In the meantime…

I haven’t started working on the answers to the questions you guys have been leaving in comments and e-mailing.  Yet.  But I got one in an e-mail this morning that I thought could be a fun blog post.

I could be completely wrong.

sid asked: “If you were to try an online dating service to find the girl of your dreams … what qualities would she have to possess to grab and maintain your attention?”

I thought that was interesting.

Here is my reply:

1) The writing.  I love smart woman.  I love love love smart women who can write.  Love.  There is nothing sexier than a woman’s brain.  Except for maybe a woman’s brain deciding that it, and the rest of the woman, should be walking around in a hot dress.  With nice shoes.  Hair up.

I may have gone off track a little there.

2) Sense of humour.  Which, yes, could also fall under “The writing.”  But I like numbered lists with more than a couple of entries.  I love funny women than don’t seem to be trying hard to be funny.  I like naturally funny.  And witty.  And sarcastic.

And tube tops.

3) Warmth.  I’m not sure how they would get this across in the couple hundred words that they’d probably be allowed to put in a profile, but they are smart and funny, so I have faith in their abilities.

4) A nice mix of confidence and insecurities.  I’ve been trying to come up with a better way to explain this.  I like women who seem confident about some things, yet not so much about other things.  I like a woman who seems to have a good ego, but is kidding about it.  Sometimes.

5) In the picture, I wouldn’t be just looking for hotness.  I like beauty with… character.  Not like, a wig and crazy glasses.  But a fun pose.  Silly facial expression.  10,000 bonus points for a nose scrunch.

So, yeah, to cover all these things, a woman would need to be able to write 5000 or so words in her profile.  (And be a little loony.)

Yet another reason why I don’t do online dating.

How about you?  What would you need to see in a profile?

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  1. Yes, spelling counts. Mixing up “your” and “you’re” would make me run away.

    Being funny is always good, because funny is smart, and smart is hot.

  2. I’m wearing a dress and heels today. Just FYI. haha

    I guess I’d have to say that they have to have proper grammar and spell all their words out completely. I will automatically dismiss them, even if they’re hot, if I have to decipher their profile. Another is humor, and also their sense of adventure.

  3. My favorite misspelling (that makes me nauseated) is spelling your “yer”….really?

    I think the photo is really important…if there’s no physical attraction it’s pretty difficult for there to be chemistry. Words and grammar come next.

    …that would be a great blog-venture for you. The trials and tribulations of online-dating.

    p.s. I’m excited for some saucy Penpals too!

  4. Don’t think I didn’t notice that the mention of me was immediately followed by a mention of your readers being gorgeous.

    I noticed.

  5. I did a blog on this a while back. If they use the word “Enthusiast” at any point, the guy is written off as a possibility. Everyone (well, at least I do) knows that “Enthusiast” is a nice word for addict. Example:

    “Wine Enthusiast” – Alcoholic
    “Photography/Movie Enthusiast” – Pornography Maker

  6. good question and great answer. i don’t date online but i LOVE reading personal ads! i wrote one once but have nowhere to post it. maybe i’ll go out on a limb and put it in my blog tomorrow.

  7. Depth, sense of humor, well-written bio that doesn’t start out with, “Gee I don’t know what to say so I guess I’ll start. I’m normal, boring, and intend to stay that way.” Did I mention a spark? Oh yeah, that sneaky spark. That’s why I hate online dating and canceled my membership after a month. Oops.

  8. Have you read Josh at bergwithfries.com? He’s I-fell-off-my-chair-laughing funny! If you don’t, you must. NOW. That’s your male reader # 3.

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