A few random pics…


This is 2 minutes after The ACN asked me to have a nap with her this morning in her new bed.

This is 30 seconds before she kicked me out for being a bed hog. (I am really not.)

This is 1 minute before she giggled and made it clear that she had no intention of napping at all.


This one answers a few age old questions:

1) Does “The Monkey” really exist?
2) Do you ALWAYS wear a baseball cap?
3) You don’t actually look tall in pictures. (Hey! That isn’t a question at all.)


Yes, those ARE Dora The Explorer slippers. Admit it. You’re jeeeealous.

0 thoughts on “A few random pics…

  1. I think I could learn a lot about being a better aunt to my neices and nephews from you! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. stormin’: I randomly slip french words into my speaking. But, never words or phrases that will make me seem cool.

    sara: I’m guessing that she is telling some kind of story involving her being on the phone with someone. It was undoubtedly a very dramatic tale full of intrigue, deception and the pulling of pony tails.

    mood indigo: There are some that will tell you that I’m a bit of a spoiler. But, they are fools! And thank YOU for dropping by. (We are ever so polite.)

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