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  1. Amy says:

    Is “chicken shit eye” curable? I sure hope so. Seeing flashes is no fun.

    I saw flashes when my retina started to detach. I continued to see flashes for almost 3 months after my first eye surgery. They are sooooo darn annoying! Especially when driving at night. I kept thinking a car was coming at me from the side.

  2. The Stormin Mormon says:


    This reminds me of my earlier post about “eye herpes”

    “Chicken Shit Eye” is now my new favorite ailment to wish upon my worst enemies.

  3. Wanderlusting says:

    Good Lord.

    I too have been cooped up in a coop for too long of a time. The smell of chickens is the most vile thing, especially when there are some cracked eggs that haven’t been collected in a while. Barf.

    But they are so fun to chase.

  4. Steph says:

    Oh dear, how very, er, awkward for you ;)

  5. Peter says:

    amy: I think they cured it. She stopped complaining anyway.

    stormin’: Ha! just how many enemies do you have?

    wanderlusting: I think that is a smell that you can never, ever forget. *shudder again*

    steph: Hmmmm. Seems to me that you know a little about farms..

  6. Rowena says:

    Being a complete hypochondriac, I will now start obsessing about developing chicken shit eye in addition to the bird flu I’m certain I already have (I was exposed to some chooks – as we sometimes call them in Oz- at a pitstop on the border between Portugal and Spain last year).

  7. Mood Indigo says:

    chicken shit eye – your sister, and you, are priceless.

    interestingly enough – my word verification is “eyxppw”

  8. Eve says:


    Yeah, your sister probably wouldn’t respond with a squawk.

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