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  1. i did, but i wish they weren’t over! and i love that she has a scrunchie on her wrist! i loved those as a kid :)

  2. we need to learn you some photoshop so cutie claus looks less like demon claus.

    such a cute demon though…

    happy christmas pete! to you and your family.

  3. How many treats did Nipper Claus need to be bribed with for that? Because I know that if I tried that on my dog, I’d better be carrying roughly two tons of Snausages.

  4. Michelle: Not sure why she even has one. You almost have to sedate The monkey to brush her hair.

    lspoon: It was a lovely Xmas in Peteville! Hope yours was nice as well.

    mindy: Nope. Though dressing Otis for Flag Day is a bit much.

    each: Photoshopping feels like lying to me.

    distracted spunk: She’s gotten much taller recently.

    molly: The Monkey would steal your shoes.

    jamelah: Nipper was quite easy to get along with. At first she tried to take the hat off, then she realized she didn’t care all that much.

    stormin’: Word.

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