A Certain Rudderless Intensity

“Go away get closer!” you scream.
In your head.
You didn’t expect or request it.
Yet there it is.
You don’t know what to do with it.
Still… there it is.
You think you might, for the first time ever, understand, “out of your league.”
You don’t like it.
At all.
You wonder if it really exists.
In the way that you envision.
Maybe it doesn’t matter.
Maybe there is inspiration to be found in the image.
Real or not.
Probably not.
Though the maybes can be fuel.
Simple thoughts to dreams.
But, also molehills to mountains.
Is it all wishful thinking?
Too early to tell.
Too late not to be curious.

0 thoughts on “A Certain Rudderless Intensity

  1. Sadie: With not writing goofy blog posts? ;)

    HRC: Who said this had anything to do with me, ma’am?

    Jazz: I think it would be very charitable to call this poetry. I just owed you all a short post after yesterday’s unpleasantness…

  2. I don’t believe in “leagues”. At the end of the day we all fart, pick our noses and wipe from front to back.

  3. i don’t know if i’ve told you, but you’re a brilliant, hot canadian, and your blog is totally inspirational. you know, in the writing department.
    thank you for sharing this. whoever it pertains to.

  4. steph: Remind me never to visit you “at the end of the day.”

    kelsi: Wow. Thanks so much. You kick ass as a commenter. :)

    airam: It does read like quite a pickle, eh?

  5. If this is a real confession…I would say go for it anyway. My #2 rule is have no regrets (second only to “make love not war”). What’s the worst thing that could happen? Saying someone is “out of your league” sounds more like you’re afraid. Don’t be. You’re Peter DeWolf for heavens sake :) Buck up.

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