Wow.  This is my 700th post.

It’s truly a testament to one man being in love with his own words, eh?

I’ve decided to link some of my favourite posts.  And there is a little contest down below.

My favourites:

“The Best Day of the Year”

“Facebook Love Story”


“Some people are just touchy”

“Centre Ice”

“Flip-off Friday #3”

“Big Day”

“the man you know as Peter, or “Fuck Nuts” if you’re his mom” (The one and only guest post.)


“When it all comes out”



“Just a girl on a couch”

“Sara’s Apartment”


“Window to your sole…”

“Blog Block… and Poop”

“Just before waking up”


“Anniversary” (Hallowe’en post)

Contest: To win a pdf copy (so internationals can enter too!) of my novella all you have to do is E-MAIL me (at peterdewolf@gmail.com) and tell me your favourite post of the 700.  Winner will be chosen at random at noon on Friday.

7 thoughts on “700

  1. My favourite of those listed is, of course, “The Best Day of the Year”! My all-time favourite?? Too hard to narrow down! (But probably a word doodle.)

    Fun stuff, DeWolf, and congrats on 700!!! (Fortunately, there are a lot of other people who love your words, too!) :)

    • “The Best Day of the Year” is definitely my favourite. But I did find some others that I liked while reading ALL of them. I don’t even remember writing some of them.

  2. Nooooo. I have to work. I can’t spend my entire day reading your blog. If you keep placing various links on your blog, my future progeny will never get to see a leopard because their mommy was to busy reading your blog to be bothered about saving the planet.

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