7 3/4

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  1. Hope says:

    I loved this. So much.

    Especially “…practiced indifference is no match for it.”

  2. canadian sadie says:

    One day.

  3. Madeleine says:

    I think that would have upset me last week – because it’s so perfectly wonderful, that it just would have been a reminder of NOT HAVING IT.
    But you have perfect timing, because this week – having only just met him – I know exactly the feeling and… I couldn’t have expressed it the way you have. So thank you!

  4. Essentially Me says:

    I like this post a lot.

  5. JenBun says:

    You are amazing, PDW.

    And I was surprised that there was… no surprise! You always keep me on my toes! ;)

  6. JenBun says:

    P.S. Is 7 3/4 your hat size?

  1. September 15, 2009

    […] I have a big noggin. […]

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