604 x 453

I don’t know her.

Yet I can’t help but wonder —
not that I’ve tried very hard to resist —
if she knows.

Her power.

She has to know.

More than tanned skin
and distractingly dangerous curves.
It is
Golden promise frozen in time.

An image and an unheard soundtrack
conspiring to shine.
aspiring to…

of the unknown.
for the unknowing.

An ideal fit for unnoticed holes.
Now glaring.

She doesn’t know me.
Yet these words belong to her.
As did the hundreds that came before,
summarily dismissed.
To land on someone else,
somewhere else,
in the finite sea of inspiration.

I don’t know her.
But, at this moment in time,
that moment in time,
could not be having more of an impact.

4 thoughts on “604 x 453

  1. Perfection
    of the unknown.
    for the unknowing.

    Peter, I am endlessly impressed by you.

    And then I am surprised that I am STILL impressed.

    And then wondering why I am even surprised…

    You are awesome.

  2. I can relate… the words made me think of my ill-fated love affair with someone at Starbucks.

    Very well written!

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