5 Days with The ACN

Me and the twerp had a fun long weekend.

Lots of cuddles. Lots of silliness. Some looking for bunnies in the park.

The weather didn’t co-operate, so we couldn’t do much outside. We had to be creative coming up with fun things to do.

One afternoon she spent an hour with my Dad, learning about his new drill set. He’d explain what one set of bits were used for. She’d watch him closely. He’d ask, “Are you getting all of this?” She’d say, “Yeah.”

Very cute.

They also spent three hours in my Dad’s shed one afternoon — oh, she has now claimed it as her own — checking out all of his tools. She made him lock the door from the inside, and it was their clubhouse. Anyone who went to visit had to knock on the door and state their name. They called me three times from grandpa’s cell to go knock on the door.

We played some Webkinz online. She now has 43 of the furry little buggers. We checked to make sure all of them were well-fed. “Doodle the Poodle” was hungry, so we went through the food we had, and decided to give her something called “McBone Burger and fries.” Sounds perfect for a dog, right? Not so. Doodle ate it and said, “Um, have you actually tried this? ICK.”

I was mad. I referred to Doodle as an “ungrateful ingrate!” while The ACN giggled.

Doodle doesn’t know how good she has it. It could be worse, she could be Zoe the unicorn. We have her sleeping in something called “a banana hammock.”

This morning she told me she was excited that her mommy was coming today. I asked if she was excited for Mommy hugs. She said. “Yeah.” I said, “But, Uncle Pete hugs are pretty good, right” She shook her head “No.” Vigorously. I said, “You are going to make Unc cry. Is that what you want?” She got all excited, “Yeah!!”

I get no credit for inventing the “The Webkinz French Toast Breakfast Party” apparently.

Both yesterday and the day before, we took a break in the afternoon and she stretched out on the couch with a pillow and blanket and I gave her footrubs. Because, as you well know, it is super tiring being a professional cutie pie.

And now the munchkin is on her way home. For the next couple days I’ll be missing the cuddles and all :( faced.

Here is a pic of The ACN and The Monkey and their two new Webkinz Samoyeds:

3 thoughts on “5 Days with The ACN

  1. Wow, that sounds like a super fun weekend! You are just the best Unc– doesn’t even sound like she had to threaten to send you back to the Unc store!

    Hee hee, I am still giggling at that unicorn sleeping in a banana hammock!

    And that picture is INCREDIBLY adorable!!! How can you be :(faced when you have that to look at?!? Those are the two cutest girls in Canada!

  2. I don’t understand why more men don’t realize how tiring it is being a cutie pie 100% of the time. I should get more foot rubs.

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