To: You
Fr: Me
Subject: Why ARE there so many songs about rainbows?


I’m glad that you got my e-mail.  Eventually.

It seems as though our mutual friend gave me the wrong e-mail address on purpose.  (Oh, tell your mom that I’m sure she has lovely eyes too.)

As for your question about my favourite scene in a movie…

I mean, I could go with an obvious choice.  Something from The Godfather or Cool Hand Luke… or maybe one from Rounders.

However, I think I am going to choose a bit from Knocked Up.  Remember the part when the two couples are out for dinner and the sister tells the two dudes that they should go back in time and have sex?  (Apparently I forget the names of all the characters.)  There’s the little faux-flirting thing between the dudes.  It SLAYS me when Paul Rudd says, “I like the way you move.”

It’s just the perfect delivery of the perfect line for the moment.

Isn’t that what we all aspire to?  The perfect line in the perfect moment, NOT sex with a chubby dude with curly hair.  I can’t stress that enough.

I accidentally watched MADE OF HONOUR (Canuck spelling on purpose!) the other day.  How did I watch it accidentally, you ask.  Well, I’m not going to lie to you…

So, I watched it and I had  a few thoughts*:

1) Patrick Dempsey has never played basketball in his life.  McSticktosquashdude.

2) He was supposed to be a college senior ten years ago?  *I* was already out of college ten years ago, and he is considerably(ish) older than I am.

3) He was friends with that girl for ten years before realizing he liked her?  Come ON.  Granted she’s a bit skinny, but she’s adorable.  I understand suspension of disbelief, but that would require a mob hit of disbelief.

4) It’s called MADE of Honor.  How is he made of honour?  Dude stopped a wedding!  Which, frankly, looks like fun.

Enough about me (I’ve honestly never said that before), what were you like in high school?  One of the cool kids hanging out in the cool bathroom?  (The shitterati, if you will.)

Ready for an embarrassing confession?  I was on the phone when your e-mail arrived and I actually said “yay!”  Out loud.   Sadly that wasn’t even in the top 5 of my unmanly moments this week.

Hey!  Look out behind you,

* In the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that one of the exec producers read a screenplay of mine a while back and passed on it (though with some very positive feedback.)

15 thoughts on “2.

  1. I watched that Made of Honour movie. I hated it! 10 years. Just when he was about 2 lose her he realises he loves her? Hate, hate, hate that movie.

  2. You know what I really didn’t get? This girl is sooo smart, yet she still falls for this douchebag anyway. Oh I can go on and on about how much I hate this movie.

  3. I never saw Made of Honor (which is how I spell it over here), based in no small part on the fact that that pun – excuse me, “pun” – in the title? MAKES NO SENSE. AT ALL.

    However, it did inspire my new Ponzi-scheme related porn, “Madoff On Her.”

  4. Two things
    1. The person who is writing these emails is not the same person who left the comment on my blog today. I just refuse to believe it.
    2. I just watched that movie for the first time the other day too. And I missed the first hour and still thought it was ridiculous. That chick was so annoying. I mean, he threw her this great shower and she complained because one tiny part didn’t go the way she wanted it to?? Get over it. Just looking into Patrick’s eyes cures cancer, why didn’t she see it earlier?

  5. I hope I never accidentally watch this movie because it doesn’t seem like something I would be able to handle. How does one prevent oneself from accidentally watching a movie? All advice is welcome.

  6. I’m with Michelle, I want to know the top 5 unmanly moments of the week. And PS- the movie may have an oxymoron of a title, and an unrealistic plot; however, who can resist starring at a man with a perfect head of hair and 5 o’clock shadow for two hours? McSticktosquashdude is hot no matter what.

  7. aaand now i realize why i woke up with a kermit the frog song stuck in my head.

    still. better than the day last week when i woke up with xanadu playing on repeat in my brain.

  8. never seen that movie, and despite liking Patrick Dempsey (yum), I’ve kind of been avoiding it because it looked annoying.

    i like the way you move.

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