My Adorably Cute Niece is 11 today.


As is tradition, here is a link to the post I wrote about her when she was a wee little twerp. (This post will probably make more sense if you read that one first.) It is still my favourite thing I’ve ever written.

I won’t be spending today with her, but I get to hang out with her tomorrow! And I am very excited. Very!

Not exactly sure what our plans involve, but I know we’re making cupcakes. (Hopefully the results will be better than when we made cookies.)

The last time we made cupcakes (with The Monkey) it was very cute and fun.

As munchkin gets older, a few things have changed:

Our nightly phone calls have been upgraded to Skype chats. (And her little good bye waves just before we hang up melt me so completely.)

She’s so tall!

She doesn’t want Unc hugs as much. And she loves saying no to them and giggling at my sad face and sounds. (“Pooooooooooop.”) Though every time I put her in or take her out of chairy (her wheelchair) I steal a hug. And she giggles again. But she hugs me back. When I ask.

Some things have stayed exactly the same:

She is still the sweetest and cutest and bravest kid ever.

And she is still my hero.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go all sentimental, or all silly and fun, with this post.

I will say that though it’s her birthday, I am very much the one receiving the gift.

I will also say that a little boy at school bought her flowers for her birthday.

I asked, “Is that because you’re so cute?”

She replied, “YEAH!”

That’s how you know we’re related.


12 thoughts on “11!

  1. I require texts from now on when you post about your niece. They always make me cry. ALWAYS.

    I need you to call my uncles and give them a lesson or 2

    A bug happy birthday to her!!

    Also, the screen cap of your skype chat is the first time I’ve seen you without a hat! o.0

  2. Oh, see I would’ve known you were related through the rainbow colored wig and clown nose!! =)

    You’re an amazing part of your niece’s support system – her life is better because of you!

  3. Aww, this is so sweet. She’s lucky to have an uncle who loves her so much (and you’re lucky to be able to experience the joys of being an uncle).

    My niece turned 9 this year, and that mostly made me feel very old. They’re so much fun to have, though.

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